Monday, June 2, 2008

Does anyone really ever win the lottery?

So, I went to get my lunch today at the deli a block from my office and when I was paying for my sandwich the cashier told me that the man sitting at the counter had just won a million dollars on a scratch ticket for the Washington State Lottery. I knew people must have won sometime I just had never been that close. I saw that several people had stickers that said "ask me how to win $1,000,000". It was very surreal from that point on. I went to the ticket machine and bought a lottery ticket, almost like I had no control. Scratched it off and I had won, $2. That's more like it. Well no million for me, but the other guy, he did win, maybe you can ask him how to win.

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tp said...

Wow--you were so close to winning...being inches from a million dollar winner. I didn't know you could make that much on scratch tickets. I am with you - 2.00 is about the best I have ever done.