Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bomb (burrito)

So the weekend has arrived again and I decided to celebrate this morning with a burrito for breakfast. I don't mean Gorditos or Taco Del Mar, or even Taco Bell. By burrito I mean a frozen shingle filled with meat of questionable origin and a yellow cheese sauce. Yes it is "The Bomb" from 7-11.

Now to be fair I don't eat these very often anymore. There was a time in my past, when these were a large part of my diet. the summer of my freshman year of college, I spent most of my time at my girlfriend's apartment and subsisted on meals from the Jackpot mini mart next door. I would fill up my to go mug with Red Creme Soda and zap a frozen burrito for breakfast. When I moved back to Seattle I bought them in bulk from Costco and made them at home, good for every meal.

Now in my elder years they don't agree with my constitution, but every once in a blue moon, I treat myself to the gut bomb that keeps on giving.

1 comment:

dr said...

I'm not sure I want you to come home tonight...either is the kitty...your constition is already questionable :)!