Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knight Rider

So I didn't make it all the way thru, but we watched some of the new Knight Rider movie last night. Val Kilmer as Kitt the car had me enthralled as an updated HAL 9000 type voice. it was the only thing keeping me interested, the nanotech skin of the car was ok, but the idea became stale soon, as it has been overused in new shows and movies.

The voice was so soothing it put me to sleep. I think Val could do good marketing a sleep aid mp3 where he lulls buyers to sleep with the soothing sounds of him speaking as Kitt. "Imagine a pile of hay, you lie down and relax as it surrounds your body. You feel very sleepy and can feel your eyes getting heavy. Let go, close your eyes and feel the hay surrounding you. Feel yourself fall asleep."

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tp said...

I'm amazed you made it through any of it...I just couldn't do it.