Friday, January 4, 2008

"Television the drug of a nation"

I find myself going back to this quote from The Beatnig's song of the same name, made even more popular when they performed under the name The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

The writers strike has allowed the major televisions stations to market even more useless reality shows. Dropping most TV viewing to the lowest common denominator. I don't like reality shows most of the time. That is to say I try not to watch most of them. I have been sucked in to some of the A and E shows on occasion,and I did watch pro wrestling for a year or two in the 1990's, but generally I try not to watch reality TV.

The reaction at our house has been to watch shows that we had passed over on DVD. Some I get from the library and some we buy used. A few we buy new, which is part of the reason the writers are striking, to get a part of the revenue from DVD sales. I guess I could wait until the strike is over and allow them to receive the part of the sales they get from me, but I'm a television addict and I need my fix now.

We just finished the last season of "Lost". It was a good one. Now I have a bunch of anime films and an old David Cronenberg film called "The Brood". The anime is all by the same person who did "Paprika" which we watched last week. I kind of like the break in TV shows for this reason. I'm getting to explore movies and shows I might not had watched.

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tp said...

If you do go back to TV shows on DVD, try 30 rock! I love that show.
Then, there's always the lesbian soap opera - the L word - coming back to Showtime on January 6th with a brand new season.