Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bluefin sushi buffet

So Sunday night we were over at our friend's house deciding where to eat dinner after a rousing game of "Ticket to ride". A suggestion was made for Bluefin Sushi at Northgate. Since moving to West Seattle, going to North Seattle seems like making a trip out of town, so we said yes. A long drive (15 min) and we arrived at the newly (to us) remodeled Northgate Mall.

I hoped that Bluefin would be better than Todai, the buffet at Pacific Place, that my wife won't go to any more. Not that I blame her, it isn't very good. But by my standards Bluefin rates about the same. It had a similar selection and the staff didn't replenish the food very timely.

I started out with some sushi, tempura and Korean ribs.

Sushi was OK, the ribs were the best, the tempura was... well tempura. Some of the other sushi looked OK.

After the table looked like this.

Overall it was OK, it didn't win the Todai challenge though, as we left my wife said she won't go back. We have plenty of good sushi in West Seattle, so I don't mind.


Irina G. said...

love sushi, but eat this safe sushi.

Irina G. said...

I just read this in a NYT article.

“Mercury levels in bluefin are likely to be very high regardless of location,” said Tim Fitzgerald, a marine scientist for Environmental Defense, an advocacy group that works to protect the environment and improve human health.

So maybe not the best restaurant name choice either.

mthead said...

Yes, we talked about that while eating. Everything fun kills you a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty in the outside but in the inside, blue fin will tear your intenstines up. WARNING: Do not eat the shell fish!!!! My husand ate some and had to go to the ER for food poisoning! He vomited and had horrible diarrhea. If you want good sushi go to Sushi Tokyo on Roosevelt.