Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sugar "Tilted"

The music of Bob Mould and his various bands have filled many spots of the mixtape that is my life. Husker Du were the first band I ever won tickets to see. I won tickets off KCMU radio in Seattle. I had sprained my ankle the week before jumping off my parents stairs on the way to my car to go to the homecoming dance masking the pain with party favors. I went to the dance without going to the hospital and the next day was rewarded with a cast the had to be left on for 3 to 6 weeks. The friend who was supposed to drive me to the show cancelled and I sat at home alone tickets unused.

Sugar was Bob Mould's return to a band after some years of solo material. The first album "Copper Blue" was released in 1992. "Beaster" the second release came out in 1993. Bob wrote this about the album, "I'm sure some people are going to perceive this as some sort of step backwards from the previous album. Some people will say it's self-indulgent. Almost anything short of community service usually is. People who have seen the band live will know this is not the case."

The song "Tilted" has a guitar solo that best represents what I love about Bob Mould and his guitar solos. They can sound so out of control that the listener feels like a train wreck is coming and then at the last possible millisecond he come back home tragedy diverted. Take a look and see for yourselves.


Deborah said...

Happy Valentine's Day sugar...I love that you introduced me to Bob Mould in all his incarnations.

Chris Owens said...

Reminder to self: when trying to write a blog post about a band, never read what someone else has written first. Great description of a Mould solo - probably my favourite Sugar track, too.