Wednesday, April 8, 2009

haven't seen any new movies

Lately. Been catching up on stuff I got from the library.

"Låt den rätte komma in" also known as "Let the Right One in" was movie I have been waiting for. I read the book and loved it only to find out it had already been made into a film when I was reading it. I missed in the theaters, but it was still good on dvd. Some of the background is lost in the film, but it is still an amazing story. Check it out.

The Wackness is a coming of age story about a teen age drug dealer who falls in love with his therapist's daughter over the summer of 1994. Its a little heavy towards the middle, but worth checking out.

I want to see the Anvil movie, as I have seen friends post about the premiere on Facebook, but it hasn't been released up here yet.


Deborah said... mean falls in love with his STEP-daughter...

mthead said...

Yeah yeah stepdaughter,