Monday, March 16, 2009

Odd stuff on MSN Home Page

So MSN has started posting what it refers to as A-List Searches on the bottom of the MSN home page. Today the main search is "Sexting". If you click through to the follow up page, which is really just a Live Search of that topic, in addition to the news articles there are descriptions of acronyms used in texting. Check some of these out.

POS or PoS : According to Wikipedia stands for Parent over Shoulder, Poly cystic ovary syndrome or Point of Sale. I always thought it stood for Piece of Shit, but I'm out of the loop. I don't know why kids would need to text that, if a parent can read the tiny screen they are texting on then those kids have much more to worry about then them being over their shoulder because their parents are superheros.

DDML : Drunk Dial Me Later, self explanatory. Anyone who invites this behavior deserves what they get. if you catch your kids texting this, tell them friends don't let friends use the phone drunk, unless they are recording it.

TDTM : Talk Dirty To Me, self explanatory. If you need to refer to a Poison song as your digital courting ritual, I'm sorry that's just sad.

FOL : Fond Of Leather, self explanatory. Now its getting real fun this reminds me of when I was in high school and I saw the movie, "Cruising" with Al Pacino.

143 : I Love You, Urban Dictionary defines 143 as I love you. I think it is from a song. I haven't heard the song, so I haven't decyphered the code yet.

So look out if you see your kids texting and you can read the little screen on their phone watch out for these acronyms. Or don't worry about it because MSN just wants you to use Live Search over Google and scaring parents by putting POS right before DDML, TDTM, and r u FOL really makes me LOL.


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