Monday, February 23, 2009

Show, Oscars, Fired Up and so on....

Last night we played at Chickenhed Church at the Chai House. Good turn out people had a good time and we played a short, but powerful set. Briz was up from Vancouver and he sounded great as well. I didn't catch Dr. Jones as we went to La Isla for some kick ass Puerto Rican food.
The Oscars were not too surprising, I really didn't have any total favorites, I was glad for the winners, sad that some lost.
We saw "Milk" the day before the Oscars and I liked it quite a bit. I thought all the actors had great perfromances.
We saw " Fired Up" the day of the Oscars and I still have yet to meet a movie about cheerleaders I don't like. No matter how bad they are, they will cheer me up a little.

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Deborah said...

loved the set at the Chai House. It's my very favorite place to see you, and I get to leave with a half gallon of Chai to boot. La Isla rocks!