Wednesday, December 3, 2008

when a breakup isn't such a bad thing

So today I saw a post that Ms. Led are playing their final show Jan 23rd at the High Dive in Fremont. I can remember the band before they were called Ms. Led, the first time I saw them they were called lesliwood. I still have the cd I bought from them that night. they have struggled to play and have developed a good following over the years. I saw them a couple of months back at the Sunset and they sounded great. Today they announced the end.

But the hidden secret of the music industry is time always takes it toll and eventually most bands break up. Either the urge to play gets beaten out by the urge to eat, or personalities clash, or something else. Time always wins, even for bands that are beating the odds and are making a living perfoming music. Most local bands aren't doing that, they are pooling money to make a recording to get shows. Then working shitty jobs to make money to go on tour. Then going on tour and losing money, coming home broke and repeating the process again until one of the members od's on painkillers and puke or finds god, or gets a girlfriend or something. Then they reform into other bands and try again.

Most bands are lucky to last 1 year Ms. Led made it for 9 and put out 4 good cd's during that time. My hat goes off to them for sticking it out. I hope I can make it to see the final performance.

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dr said...

laying down the truth, even if it kills you, that's what i love about you!