Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life is like jail, anarchy in Africa, and Pirates

This week hasn't really hit it's stride yet and the news stories I have seen my make it the wackiest week yet. This one about Britney Spears almost knocked me off my office chair. I mean her life feels like a prison, come on. First of all, dosen't everyone feel like that, and my prison isn't that bad, so I know hers must rock. She sounds like the teens that her music is marketed to.

Then the pirates of Somalia take a supertanker full of oil . No it isn't a movie it is real life. Somalia hasn't had a government since 1991, so no laws to stop anyone from becoming pirates and the ocean is big, so they went to town. Combine that with companies willing to pay to keep the problem under wraps until now and bang we have roving bands of pirates sailing the seas.

Who needs movies when you have the news these days. They don't even have to make this stuff up like KOMO's Marlee Ginter suppossedly did according to The Stranger. Boo KOMO Boo on you.

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