Friday, May 2, 2008

memories of music past

So I was reading an article by John Roderick in the Seattle Weekly and saw a mention of my old band Hell Upside Down . I had to agree when he said, "This was the period when the Seattle scene felt most alive to me, '94-'97, when bands like Harvey Danger, 760-HERO, Sycophant, Hell Upside Down, This Busy Monster, and countless others plied their trade in a world without the possibility of fame or fortune.". I thought that was my favorite time in music in Seattle as well. I can't remember it that well as I was drunk for the entire decade, but the flashes I do have were of a time before the fight over digital music and the fall of the record companies. I might be too nostalgic, but it was fun to play back then.
Every few years I play some of our CD and listen to the changes in my musical style over the years. Its fun to revisit the past through art that I produced, the good and the bad.

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