Saturday, September 8, 2007

lazy saturday

So we were awoken to the lovely sounds of the city of Seattle doing construction in the street below our window today. After our rude awakening my wife and I went to the Chelan Cafe for breakfast, I recommend the BBIT if you haven't been before, get it with three eggs if you really want a hearty breakfast. After breakfast I had to renew my tabs, which included getting an emissions test. Definitely an exercise in patience.

Then I headed off to buy a new skateboard at Snowboard Connection. It is 46 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. The Sector 9 Supercruiser. I love it. I also stopped at a friends yard sale down the street from Sno Con and bought some candles that look like eyes.

After that I went down to Alki to try out the new board, it runs real smooth. Then I remembered my wife wanted some new cds so I went to Easy Street at the Junction.

On my way home I heard that Riko Kiley were playing at The End's beach house on Alki, so I headed down and skated over there. I saw my friend Andrew who had skated his longboard as well. We made fun of the people from The End while we waited 45 mins. for the band to play 2 songs. Oh well it was fun to finally check out the beach house, and the 2 songs they played sounded great.

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